More Awesomeness From Inception

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Besides the obvious link between Edith Pilaf and the actress Marion Cotillard (Mal) somehow interweaving through the fantastic plot, YT user camiam321 noted the superb connection between Pilaf’s song and the Hans Zimmer theme also playing throughout. This is one well thought-out movie, damn if it ain’t.


4 Responses to More Awesomeness From Inception

  1. Brian says:

    Yum, Edith Pilaf.

  2. Zafar says:

    There is actually more than that simple connection between Edith Piaf and “Inception”. The same company who worked on the enhancement of the soundtrack of “La Vie en Rose” worked also on “Inception”. It’s a company called “Audionamix” based in Paris which does source separation and other fun stuff, such as removing the sound of the vuvuzelas from the last Soccer World Cup games:

  3. johnnycat says:

    They’re doing good work!

  4. gossip_girl says:

    check out the blogg leave a comment

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