Introducing the Official Litter Box Band

Litterbox is a band that gets this blog’s support, and they will rock your tails off. Allow me to make a formal introduction, via their YouTube description:

Weilding the axe is guitarist Hosserford B. Hayes (Hoss), who, even without opposable thumbs is a shredding legend.
Brother Sox, who was born on April 1st, is no fool when it comes to percussion. Brother, who is a fairly agressive feline, plays as hard as he works and is known to not only to take charge of a drum kit, but cat fights as well.
Ned Kamler, renown for being very vocal whether performing music, or in day to day life, ALWAYS says what comes to mind. Ned has no qualms telling anybody off if it’s deemed necessary (or even unnecessary).
These angry felines are no pussycats!

These are my kind of rockers, and they’re cute, too. Ask them to cover Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever” and they’ll just lick their balls in a show of indifference. They are too hard core for such mainstream fodder. I tried to interview the lead singer, but he was too busy gearing up for his next nap to be bothered.

Here they are, in one of many highly polished videos; enjoy, and be sure to pet the Litter Box Band as they perform “Marked Territory.”

(YouTube Link)

Be sure to sniff their entire scat here.

One Response to Introducing the Official Litter Box Band

  1. Anonymous says:

    you’re awesome Johhny cat – thanks for the awesome write up – Hoss/guitar

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