Never Go to the Movies on Black Friday

Still: Scott Free

I decided to take in a movie today. After yesterday’s drive/feast/drive ritual, I needed the comfort of the cinematic. Upon arriving at the multiplex to see Unstoppable again (2nd time), I immediately realized this day was going to funnel more people than usual into theaters, for much the same reason as I was inclined. I secured my favorite seat okay; that would be top row/end with a rail shelf beside it. Then I went to get the grub.

This particular theater is where I always go for a noontime showing for the singular reason that they serve a piping hot Buffalo chicken flatbread sandwich that is really tasty. In my long wait in line, I noticed the animated menus no longer had this combo on its slate. I immediately mourned for a few minutes, then devised a Plan B. I was hungry, after all, and needed nourishment. I decided on nachos with extra cheese, and jalapeños. After I placed the order, it was delivered in record time, with an assist from the theater manager. So fast, indeed, that I had barely made chit-chat with the employee, asking about the Buffalo chicken, when she told me that, yes, they still have it.

I could have had a snack that looked like this-

via artchick2002

Instead, they had already laid out the basic nacho tray with fake cheese, plus an extra cup of fake cheese. At this moment, I could have been a dick, and told them that I want to change my order, but I didn’t. Instead I made my way back to the auditorium my movie was playing in. This is where I almost dropped my nachos.

As I looked down the corridor, there were numerous posters of varying sizes advertising upcoming flicks. The one that caught my eye was a cutout of a life sized Richard Dreyfuss. I wondered what movie could have Richard Dreyfuss as an important enough character to warrant his own cutout, and studied it further. He had a cell phone up to his ear. Hmm… some kind of sports agent, real estate agent, what could it be? At about that time, the cardboard cutout moved, and I realized it was just a guy who looked like Dreyfuss on a cell.

My mind melted a little bit. Overall, a pretty non-normal visit to the Cinema today. Yum. Nachos. Oh, and by the way, they totally forgot my jalapeños.

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