2010 Movies: Best and Worst

I really don’t like to admit to feelings like this, but 2010 was quite a disappointing year in cinema. At first I could only think of two movies I saw in theaters that I’d consider awesome; like they would still be as enjoyable in ten or twenty years. But I managed to remember three others to round out a top five, yet passionately submit another top five of the biggest disappointments.

My Favorite Theatrical Experiences of 2010

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

via IFC

It’s completely ridiculous, and simultaneously awesome. As someone who grew up playing video games in arcades, it really bounces off my sensibilities well. It helps that I, unlike some of my friends, actually like Michael Cera’s style.

4. Toy Story 3


Do I really need to write anything about this definitive conclusion to the super-successful Pixar’s trilogy? I laughed, I cried, I was thoroughly entertained.

3. Metropolis (Remastered)

I saw this newly restored version of the film I’ve postponed seeing for years in the beautiful throwback theater Cinema 21 in Portland. It was 3 hours of utter transfixed engagement.

2. Let Me In

via io9

I actually saw the Swedish original after my spontaneous decision to see this American remake. Both are equally good, but I have to give kudos to director Matt Reeves for incorporating such riveting mise en scene the likes of which I haven’t seen since Slingblade.

1. Inception

Warner Bros.

Call me a fanboy, but Mr. Nolan once again proved that the hype was worth it. A truly imaginative adventure executed so brilliantly, even the Hans Zimmer soundtrack was a plot point of outstanding significance.

And now……

My Biggest Disappointments of 2010

5. The Losers


4. The Expendables

I got that it was supposed to be what it was, but it could have been so much better than it was.

3. RED

The trailer showed all the important parts about this movie, except for the part where it’s strictly for old people who laugh at old people jokes.

2. Iron Man 2

Am I right?

1. Tron: Legacy

It’s been 12 years since I first heard a rumor about a Tron sequel (back then it was called Tron 2.0), and while I liked the effort put into this sequel-thing, it was filled with flaws. From the main character to the obvious Star Wars ripoff, there were many objections I felt as I watched this mess onscreen, in annoying 3-D. Namely this: How did Kevin Flynn manage to eat food all those years? They dine on pig and salad… where does that come from?

Honorable Mentions

True Grit – Just the Coens being Howard Hawks; no objections, and Mattie was memorable.

The Social Network – Another perfect role for Eisenberg, and a fun ride of a movie, albiet completely relevant as Zuckerberg takes Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

Unstoppable – I like trains, and Ethan Suplee. Oh, and Denzel and Captain Kirk were great, too. Loved the subtle hat-tip to Runaway Train there near the end.

Machete – Whatever your opinion of immigration may be, just always remember — “Machete don’t text.” LOL, guilty pleasures rock!


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