Canary Sky


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In case Terje Sorgjerd is growing a bit too March, 2011 for you hipsters out there, and for everyone else who can’t get enough of great time-lapse photography highlighting the eternal earth…

Daniel Lopez showcases the cascading Milky Way over desert landscapes, the foaming clouds lapping like ocean shores at the feet of mountains, and more astounding sites from one of the most beautiful places on this pale blue dot, the Canary Islands.

Happy Birthday, Hubble Telescope


The Rose. Image: NASA/ESA/STScI/AURA

April 24 marks the 21st anniversary of the orbiting of the Hubble telescope, deployed by space shuttle Discovery. After some false starts and costly repairs, it proved to be one of our greatest tools for peering into the cosmos. To commemorate the landmark achievement, NASA has released this image of two galaxies in the Andromeda constellation that swirl together, seemingly in the shape of a rose. Their boring, official name is Arp 273.

Does This Man Look 80 Years Old?



Well, he is as of today. Happy Birthday, William Shatner.

Must be something about those green women…

83rd Annual What?


via LAist

So the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony was nothing like the previous 82. It was probably the worst awards event in recent memory. Just a few observations of what contributed to the scornful event that was supposed to celebrate the year in film. The many WTF moments include:

– Banksy was robbed.

– Mila Kunis’ tattoo-looking breasts/dress.

– Timberlake and Kunis making some oblique joke that absolutely no one got.

– McCounaughey and Johansen making some oblique mumble-joke that probably wasn’t a joke at all.

– James Franco in drag

– Christian Bale plugging a website for Dickie Ecklund.

– The Academy president and ABC person assuring us there will still be a relationship betwixt the two until 2020.

– Supposedly this was to be directed at the youth market, but there were an inordinate amount of walking canes involved (not that Kirk Douglas didn’t rock).

– The opening montage: it would have been better if they had actually landed in the canyon of 127 Hours, and Franco would face Franco. But apparently no one could write that hilarity.

– Celine Dion

– That weird projection screen onstage that made everything look like you’re having an acid flashback.

– That confounded microphone, which at least two winners found hard to find because it was too bloody invisible.

– The fact that I just said “bloody.”

Anyway, I think I’m not alone in calling this the dumbest Oscars ever, and aside from the fact that my favorite film of the year, Inception, won four awards, I really think these awards are for egomaniacs and future talent, like the shaggy-haired winner of best short film, Luke Matheny, who hopefully makes more movies in the future. Kudos to Sandra Bullock for keeping it real during the presentation for Best Actor, and again I gotta mention the highlight- actor/legend Kirk Douglas milking it and hitting up the ladies was true Oscar gold.

Update via Buzzfeed: Kirk Douglas arriving at the Oscars in 1954:

The Revolution Will Be Indiana Jones-ified


Planet of the Apes Prequel Slated For 2011


Variety reports that not only are the rumors true about a prequel to the 1968 original being made, but it’s due to hit theaters next summer. The apes will all be CGI, courtesy of Peter Jackson’s WETA Digital (they know monkeys; look at King Kong), and the plot sure sounds familiar.

“Rise of the Apes” is an origins story set in present-day San Francisco. The film is a reality-based cautionary tale, where man’s own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

Oh yeah. If memory serves correctly, that was the basis for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, one of many sequels that had a circular arc in a coherent series. Initially, Rise of the Apes was going to be called Caesar… the name Roddy McDowell picked from the dictionary as his new name. CotPotA was my favorite entry in those follow-up films, and if they mess this up we can forget about another attempt at this franchise for a long time.

Killer Concept Art for Green Lantern


Count me among the teeming masses that can’t wait to see Green Lantern when it comes out in 500 days.  The franchise, about a race of aliens scattered among the planets (we get Greenie) and endowed with superpowers will be a fresh, and apparently artistic endeavor.  So far, at least in concept stage, it looks promising.