Hyperbole and a Half


Seriously, if you haven’t ever seen Allie’s great blog Hyperbole and a Half, you should check it out. What the hell’s stopping you, a cat’s butt? That’s actually one of her best drawings ever, but she always manages to get her point across with Paint. Or in one case, just really nailing a terrible infographic she saw in a doctor’s office.





I Do Not Know This Bloke


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But you can buy a t-shirt depicting his talent here.

L’Ours (The Bear)


1988 was a pretty busy year for me. I was in the Navy, and that was the year of my longest cruise. ┬áBack home, my sister, my Mom, and many others were urging me to see Jean-Jacques Annoud’s magnificent nature biopic, The Bear, as soon as I could. Due to countless twists and turns along history’s trail, I still haven’t seen the film. Today I came across this clip from it, and rest assured, that fact will soon be rectified…

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It’s about a cub whose mother is killed, and he gets taken in by a male Kodiak bear. To get around obvious complications, Annoud got creative. From IMDb:

Because in the wild, male bears usually eat bear cubs if they can, the filmmakers prepared the adult Bart the Bear for the cub by having him play with a teddy bear the size and fur color of the cub. When the trainers felt he was ready, he was introduced to the cub and he greeted the cub affectionately.

I must see this movie now. NOW!

Cat/Dog Dichotomy


The two most loved pets in the world are like the yin and yang of animal domestication. They both offer up companionship, laughs, and astronomical vet bills. At the same time, they are quite different from each other, as is well-known. Having owned a number of both, and cataloging their unique dispositions to varying circumstances, I found the following contrast both unsurprising and fascinating.

What kind of reaction could be expected of the furry friends when introduced to a shiny new iPad? This cat, named Iggy, digs it.

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Could be the second coming of Keyboard Cat, but that’s another story. Okay. So, how about a doggy demo? What’s Chloe the Corgi think of this pinnacle of societal evolution?

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I knew it. Apple is Skynet and the iPad is a Terminator.

via Forbidden Planet

Hoverball Cat


Photo by Uproxx

Perhaps this is a scene from Phantasm V: Catsphere of Doom.

Scooter Does The Safety Dance