Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene


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Censorship is Stupid


Lionsgate Films

A memo to the entertainment industry, particularly cable TV:

Stop censoring words that you think are offensive to us, the general public. Americans can handle curse words, the young among us included. It’s fair to say that most kids know all the bad words out there; I have it on good authority (from about ten years ago) that your average 10 year old knows every word, even MF, and doesn’t use them in polite company.

This weekend, I had the unpleasant experience of watching what seemed to be a cavalcade of disaster from the sky movies on cable television- Deep Impact, Armageddon, and Terminator 3 seemed to be on repeat. If I had kids, I’d be more worried about their perception of near-future events than what was the stupidest word-censor ever during Armageddon. Steve Buscemi’s Rockhound screams “This is a kick-ass ride!” during the shuttle launch, but “ass” was simply blurred over with a noticeable silence.

I can’t believe this word in such a context is so offensive; I mean, seriously, Kick Ass is the title of a pretty successful movie aimed at a younger generation, anyway, and it’s a stupid, harmless word! Even if I said I wanted to kick your ass, it’s not like I’m implying anything sexual, and if I say this ride is “kick-ass,” it’s not like I’m implying violence.

Get over yourselves, censors.

Han Cuffs


Thanks to Jill Harness for bringing this to my attention. Harrison Ford was brought onstage (in cuffs) at SDCC for a moment, and he had this to say about his stardom: “I just wanted to make a living as an actor.”

That’s what we all want, Harry. Just be glad we all don’t just freeze you in some crappy Earth-version of carbonite. And tell Russell Johnson we said hello.

PS, I Love You. (I know you know).

Good Reflexes (Cyanide and Happiness)


More of this hilarious comic. (Maybe she’s unimpressed with him because Helo’s Raptor didn’t actually crash on Caprica.)

Catman (and Compassions)


Um, Christopher Nolan? Could you please make this a reality? Found at the most wonderful comic book blog, Compassions, in which I whole-heartedly agree with her opinion on the news that Chris Evans (The Torch in The Fantastic Four) has agreed to star as Captain America:

i’m not even a marvel fan and i know this is wrong. you can’t have the same fucking actor play two heros from the same universe. thats fucking stupid.

They must be playing by JJ Abrams rules where you can just use alternate realities.

It’s still a slap in the face to cast this guy as the Captain.

I’ve seen other actors who seemed to have their choice of roles ahead of them… they just stop showing up in movies, and this dude survives the technical failure that was the F4 movies?

Aye, no.

Gandalf’s New Gig


So what’s Gandalf up to these days, now that The Grey Havens have become a drab and dull place to be? Head on over to Happle Tea and see what web comic artist Scott Maynard has to offer.

Those Were the Days


I lurve Chuck & Beans.