Top Secret!‘s Backwards Scene Forwards


Here’s the original scene as presented in the 1984 Zucker/Abrahams comedy, Top Secret! With obvious and clever staging they made it seem as if the actors were speaking Swedish, when in fact it was simply shot in reverse manner.

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Now, thanks to the YouTube editing prowess of user reishiki, we can see how this scene actually looked when filmed. Also, I either never knew or had completely forgotten that the bookstore guy is played by Peter (Grand Moff Tarkin) Cushing.

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Plastic Migration


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This amazing mockumentary, narrated by Jeremy Irons, reminds us of the intentions of the plastic bag. It also reminds me of a particular segment from George Carlin’s brilliant piece, “The Planet is Fine.”

The planet will be here for a long, long, LONG time after we’re gone, and it will heal itself, it will cleanse itself, ’cause that’s what it does. It’s a self-correcting system. The air and the water will recover, the earth will be renewed, and if it’s true that plastic is not degradable, well, the planet will simply incorporate plastic into a new pardigm: the earth plus plastic. The earth doesn’t share our prejudice towards plastic. Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the earth allowed us to be spawned from it in the first place. It wanted plastic for itself. Didn’t know how to make it. Needed us. Could be the answer to our age-old egocentric philosophical question, “Why are we here?” Plastic…asshole.

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Dog Fart Psych


Really, I shouldn’t have to introduce this with words, except a proclamation that 2010 is getting to be the year of the dog when it comes to interesting video.

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See also: Chandi, Dave, Techno Dog

Alphabetical Google Image Search — C


Man there are a lot of C-130 pics out there, but I’m abstaining from aviation.

"C is for Camel"


"Little Girl With Terrier"

That last one is my favorite, and I’m stumped as to how it wound up near the top of a search for c.

Cat/Dog Dichotomy


The two most loved pets in the world are like the yin and yang of animal domestication. They both offer up companionship, laughs, and astronomical vet bills. At the same time, they are quite different from each other, as is well-known. Having owned a number of both, and cataloging their unique dispositions to varying circumstances, I found the following contrast both unsurprising and fascinating.

What kind of reaction could be expected of the furry friends when introduced to a shiny new iPad? This cat, named Iggy, digs it.

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Could be the second coming of Keyboard Cat, but that’s another story. Okay. So, how about a doggy demo? What’s Chloe the Corgi think of this pinnacle of societal evolution?

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I knew it. Apple is Skynet and the iPad is a Terminator.

via Forbidden Planet

Behind the Scenes – OK Go


In this interesting clip, Damian from OK Go interviews the people behind the production of what I believe is the greatest music video of all time, This Too Shall Pass.

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The dogs in formal attire are not lost on me. Like everything associated with this band, I love it. It’s also nice to know the stats on the video’s production: 89 separate mechanisms in the the machine, and it took 85 takes to make the final product. That’s a  lot more than previously hypothesized based on the evidence of smashed TVs and collapsed pianos. It’s plain to see that most of the hard stuff came near the beginning, though.

Dog Will Hunt


This is my dog.  He’s original.  (Warning:severe wind noise in the second half of this one minute clip.)
He’s usually a stick fetcher, but he prefers his sticks to be the size of fallen tree limbs.