Cannonball: Skating the Recession Pools


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Cannonball is a nicely shot mini-doc about the Fresno foreclosure market, and the abandoned swimming pools exploited by area skateboarders, just as in Dogtown during the water shortage crisis.

Once upon a time, Fresno was the California Dream. Own a car. Own a house. Own a pool. Everyone wanted it and the wonderful world of credit made it all possible. But now, with the foreclosure monster running wild, the dream is dry. Thousands of pools are festering in the hot Central Valley sun. For most people this is tragic. But for some, it’s an opportunity.

It’s cool that they haul away their trash, and actually knock and offer to trade yard work for some carving time.


I Feel Fine


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This is, ironically, one of those videos where at the TouTube Link, you can click the little soccer ball in the bottom toolbar, and enhance the video with vuvuzela. How awesome is that?

Warner Bros.

Sure, there is always the constant thought of furthering our technology and designing for a Jetson-like lifestyle. People have been imagining flying cars and living among robots since I can remember. I’m talking about designing products for a future that may not be so glamorous – I’m talking about designing products…for the post-apocalyptic world!

Perhaps by designing for the end of the world, we can end up saving the world…

Link to this compelling business idea.

Sign of the Times


I spotted this scene in Southeast Portland today. I think it speaks volumes about the current economic scalpel that is slicing its way through society. Entertainment out; banks in.

From George To Barack

"Dear 44, Good luck, G"
“Dear 44, Good luck, G”

I just have to point out that the guy I voted for in 2000 left a seemingly, potentially awesome letter on the Resolute Desk for the guy I voted for this year.  That’s a complete knight-move.  As opposed to a dick-move.  I mean this guy was there eight years.  Compared to what he was met with upon entering office, I’d have to say the guy still has my sympathies for his inherent thoughtfulness. 

Yeah sure, he made a whole mess of things, but I always got the sense that he meant well.  It’s a testament to politics in general, though, when an outgoing President makes such a gesture.  I just wonder, as we all must, what was in that letter. 
Directions to the President’s Book?
Directions on how to work the DVR in the bedroom?
His personal strategy on how to solve the “Rubit’s” Cube?

Time will tell.  But in the mean time, it’s pretty freakin cool.



Some things work.  Some things don’t.  If this doesn’t work, I surely won’t.

In honor of the dual occasion, here’s a Powerpoint Presentation of the Gettsburg Address.

Of course, if you’re new to the whole Martin Luther King phenomenon, there’s this:

I’m a big fan of Obama and King.  Since Martin’s death, a lot of bullshit has crept into society.

Obama will turn this stuff around.  Stuff will get better everyday.  Stuff is like that.

The U.S. Economy

The U.S. Economy

Random Favorite Word



I love this word because it is actually three words mashed up to mean a Gestalt of the individual words.

I would NEVER assume THE truth would be LESS than we bargained for.