I Dare You, I Double Dare You


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Three Triceratops Pluto


Even though “scientists” made some observations, and their announcement regarding Triceratops and Torosaurus has been reversed, and even though I agree with the Pluto call, this is a fantastic reboot of the ultra-nerdy Three Wolf Moon meme.

It was already known that triceratops skulls changed throughout their development, but not that the final result was a torosaurus. Torosaurus will now be abolished as a species and specimens reassigned to Triceratops, says Horner.

On a side note, I recently re-watched Jurassic Park. I was surprised to notice something I’d never caught… When Nedry steals the frozen embryos, the ones marked Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus are misspelled as Stegasaurus and Tyranosaurus.

I Feel Fine


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This is, ironically, one of those videos where at the TouTube Link, you can click the little soccer ball in the bottom toolbar, and enhance the video with vuvuzela. How awesome is that?

Warner Bros.

Sure, there is always the constant thought of furthering our technology and designing for a Jetson-like lifestyle. People have been imagining flying cars and living among robots since I can remember. I’m talking about designing products for a future that may not be so glamorous – I’m talking about designing products…for the post-apocalyptic world!

Perhaps by designing for the end of the world, we can end up saving the world…

Link to this compelling business idea.



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If I had a boat, I would absolutely have to wear this shirt whilst on it.