The Charm of the Tastee Freeze


Everyone knows where Jack and Diane sucked on chili dogs, and if you’ve ever frequented a Tastee Freeze, or some kind of similar tiny establishment of non-fine dining, you were probably in a small town… just like John Cougar. Chuck Klosterman wrote:

Tastee Freezes are iconic structures in the rural Midwest, because they say something about your hometown; they irrefutably prove your community does not have enough of a population to sustain a Dairy Queen … or indoor seating.

When I would visit my Grandparents in Bernie, Missouri as a child, one of the highlights of the stay was when they would drive me to Malden (about 20 miles up the barren country roads) to get ice cream at the Dairy King, which was similar in scope and function as a typical Tastee Freeze. I still see other clones here and there around these parts, but they’re called other names. I wonder what kind of individual aspires to own and operate one of these businesses, and what the profit margin is.




From Hot Dogs to Cool Cats


The recent flap about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has me perplexed. Why, for one reason, are we paying attention to such a trivial celebration of American gluttony and waste of food? But even more urgently, why has no one hooked up the guy who made a dive for the stage with the cat who likes to dive into boxes?

Here you would have the Kobayashi Maru. What would Admiral Kirk say?

P.S. A nod to The Usual Suspects

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(Kobayashi photo: ESPN)
(Maru photo: Urlesque)

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch in Japan


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Never tried sushi before. After seeing this, perhaps I will.