Meet Johnny Barnes – The Happy Man


Take ten minutes of your day to watch this. You’ll have a better day, most certainly.

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Parents Breaking Their Kids Into Star Wars


You think it’s easy getting your child into Star Wars, but it isn’t. There are outside forces at work, namely other kids who aren’t as prepared as they should be, telling your child that Star Wars is this or it’s that, and just a bunch of starships flying around. This is an informative video on how to talk to your kids about Star Wars, and usher them into the saga correctly. Iz serious shiz.

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Here’s to the children of the future knowing that Han shot first, as it should be. Even Lucas admits it.

Censorship is Stupid


Lionsgate Films

A memo to the entertainment industry, particularly cable TV:

Stop censoring words that you think are offensive to us, the general public. Americans can handle curse words, the young among us included. It’s fair to say that most kids know all the bad words out there; I have it on good authority (from about ten years ago) that your average 10 year old knows every word, even MF, and doesn’t use them in polite company.

This weekend, I had the unpleasant experience of watching what seemed to be a cavalcade of disaster from the sky movies on cable television- Deep Impact, Armageddon, and Terminator 3 seemed to be on repeat. If I had kids, I’d be more worried about their perception of near-future events than what was the stupidest word-censor ever during Armageddon. Steve Buscemi’s Rockhound screams “This is a kick-ass ride!” during the shuttle launch, but “ass” was simply blurred over with a noticeable silence.

I can’t believe this word in such a context is so offensive; I mean, seriously, Kick Ass is the title of a pretty successful movie aimed at a younger generation, anyway, and it’s a stupid, harmless word! Even if I said I wanted to kick your ass, it’s not like I’m implying anything sexual, and if I say this ride is “kick-ass,” it’s not like I’m implying violence.

Get over yourselves, censors.

The Windmill Farmer


This is odd. For the past few days, I’ve been seriously considering getting trained to be a wind turbine specialist. There’s a school right here in town that certifies people to go out and maintain the growing number of windmills providing renewable energy. Today, Xeni at BoingBoing pointed me to this beautiful short by Joaquin Baldwin.

I consider it a sign.

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Radiohead In Double Rainbows


yosemitebear really likes rainbows, and that’s a good thing. Especially when their enthusiasm matches up so well with  appropriate musical material.

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Ya Know, For Kids!


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It’s time to bring back hula-hoops.

Bacon Pancakes


The only thing about this picture that doesn’t make any sense is the ostensible recipe card. This is so simple and ingenious, I’m just going to try it blindfolded tomorrow morning!