This is Why I Love Portland


A brown vehicle, surprisingly tasteful in its wildly gothic external decor, stops at a light. Amid the various brownish skulls and headstones adorning the SUV-ish car, I spot a sign saying “Thank You For Your Patience During Our Remodel,” and the active rear window wiper has been fashioned into a waving hand. Inspired by two comely girls waiting on the corner, the driver rolls down his passenger window, and out blares “Break on Through” by The Doors. Accompanying the song is a lip-synching monkey puppet, singing to the girls, who squeal and delight in this┬áspontaneity.

This is an example of shit that happens in Portland every day, and why I adore it.

Top Secret!‘s Backwards Scene Forwards


Here’s the original scene as presented in the 1984 Zucker/Abrahams comedy, Top Secret! With obvious and clever staging they made it seem as if the actors were speaking Swedish, when in fact it was simply shot in reverse manner.

(YouTube Link)

Now, thanks to the YouTube editing prowess of user reishiki, we can see how this scene actually looked when filmed. Also, I either never knew or had completely forgotten that the bookstore guy is played by Peter (Grand Moff Tarkin) Cushing.

(YouTube Link)

Movie Quiz Game


I just wasted a perfectly good hour playing a pretty cool quiz game called Famous Objects from Classic Movies. Using minimalist representations of objects found in the vast array of moviedom, the creators then have a Hangman-style interface where you type in the title of the movie the object is from. Some objects are harder to associate than others, but the choices are all pretty awesome. I ended up with a score of 77 right, 4 wrong. Created by Ji Lee, it’s a must for any movie buff to play, and they’re always adding more titles. So go play!


Alphabetical Google Image Search – W


As this alphabetical thing winds down, I decided to go with my three favorite photos of America’s erstwhile President.

The Alphabet Game


If you’re ever on a long road trip with friends, a great time-killer is The Alphabet Game. This is where you all look out the car windows and look for words on billboards, business signs, passing vehicles, and even license plates to try and complete the alphabet. Each successful observed word must start with the appropriate letter of the alphabet, and then you advance to the next letter. No one can use a word that somebody has already spotted, so alertness is favored.

X and Z are particularly hard, but Dairy Queen will always save your ass for “Q.” The above photo may be a fake, but it would help if someone was stuck on any of those dreaded letters, particularly X.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — V


V for Vendetta was one of those movies that I was pretty jazzed about seeing, until I saw it. It landed on my retinas with a dull thud, and it still amazes me that anyone thinks it’s any good. So, there’ll be none of that today. Instead, the awesome Flying V guitar, a still from Henry V, and something from the world of wind technology (a new passion in which I begin training this Monday), the V-Wing Wind Turbine.

A Gentler Tickler


Detroit Publishing Co.

100 years have gone by since this thrill ride, “The Tickler,” in┬áCincinnati promised┬áthe experience would be “not as rough as last season.”

Click for enormous size (Shorpy).