Daves I Know


Classic brilliance from Bruce McCullough and the Kids in the Hall.

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This pretty much sums up where I’ve been for the past year. To the many who alight here daily, looking for new content, just know that sometimes a cat gets sidetracked, and the litter box is the last thing on their mind.

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Hilarious Cut Scene From Terminator 3


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If there’s one thing T3 could have used, it’s more self-deprecating humor, but I guess I can see why they opted out of this scene.

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Before and After


I injured myself today playing disc golf. I should know better than to skip the prolonged stretching, and then try for a reverse roller on the 4th tee. Ice packs all day, and it seems to be getting better now. Whew.

Otto vs Egon: Bookshelf Battle


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This is the high octane sequel to Otto vs Egon, and as usual, the sequel is better.

Jewel Encrusted Scepter


To discern the meaning of this post’s title, you need to watch this NSFW depiction of a phone call between Isaiah Mustafa (Old Spice stud) and Mel Gibson (raving smegma).

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Louis CK on Turning 40


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He makes a lot of sense.