From Hot Dogs to Cool Cats


The recent flap about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest has me perplexed. Why, for one reason, are we paying attention to such a trivial celebration of American gluttony and waste of food? But even more urgently, why has no one hooked up the guy who made a dive for the stage with the cat who likes to dive into boxes?

Here you would have the Kobayashi Maru. What would Admiral Kirk say?

P.S. A nod to The Usual Suspects

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(Kobayashi photo: ESPN)
(Maru photo: Urlesque)




It’s Geishas! Geishas! Geishas! aplenty in this preview for a movie that we’ll probably never see, but looks completely insane (read: entertaining). From my favorite new websource for humor, WTF, Japan Seriously?, I have two words for this NSFW video: Fried Shrimp.

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Binocular Soccer


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This is kind of old, but thanks to Bits & Pieces it’s new again. It’s a game I’d love to try, and the whole result is twistedly reminiscent of a Japanese version of Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year” sketch. Comedy gold. Also, the guy that introduces the fun appears to be Vic Romano from MXC fame.