The Charm of the Tastee Freeze


Everyone knows where Jack and Diane sucked on chili dogs, and if you’ve ever frequented a Tastee Freeze, or some kind of similar tiny establishment of non-fine dining, you were probably in a small town… just like John Cougar. Chuck Klosterman wrote:

Tastee Freezes are iconic structures in the rural Midwest, because they say something about your hometown; they irrefutably prove your community does not have enough of a population to sustain a Dairy Queen … or indoor seating.

When I would visit my Grandparents in Bernie, Missouri as a child, one of the highlights of the stay was when they would drive me to Malden (about 20 miles up the barren country roads) to get ice cream at the Dairy King, which was similar in scope and function as a typical Tastee Freeze. I still see other clones here and there around these parts, but they’re called other names. I wonder what kind of individual aspires to own and operate one of these businesses, and what the profit margin is.






This pretty much sums up where I’ve been for the past year. To the many who alight here daily, looking for new content, just know that sometimes a cat gets sidetracked, and the litter box is the last thing on their mind.

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Breathtaking Aurora Borealis


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Even though the Northern Lights are a common earthly phenomenon, when viewed through time-lapse high definition, and set to “Now We Are Free” from the Gladiator soundtrack, the effect is decidedly otherworldly. The profoundly beautiful and smooth video was shot near Russia by Terje Sorgjerd.

Yes, full screen for ultimate winnage.

Sometimes the Stars


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I absolutely adore this video by The Audreys. The beautifully written song is nicely accented by stunning 2D animation of a “lost girl’s journey through a surreal landscape, and her yearning to make a connection in this distant yet strangely familiar world.”

Full screen viewing strongly recommended.

The Installation


One of the aspects of working in the wind industry that I am particularly looking forward to is the installation and commissioning of new turbines. It’s a process that involves precise planning, coordination and execution. Teams don’t have the luxury of putting up the 300′ tube sections, and then breaking off until the next day, because the hollowness of the tube will capture the wind (these are built in windy areas, remember), and a vortex will form, tearing the structure apart! Nope, the entire tower needs to go up in four or more phases: bottom tube, top tube, nacelle, and hub- all in the least amount of time possible.

The process is amazing, and many technicians talk about the pride that comes with completing construction, and wiring up the parts to get the turbine functional. This video shows, in time-lapse, how it’s done. Song: “Elevation” by U2.


Bjork Explains How Television Works


This has to cap off 2010 as far as memes go. Here, the girl who once charmed no one at the Academy Awards dressed as a swan describes how the magic box works. Thrill as she describes capacitors as little buildings in a town.

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For the record, I will always dig this song.

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RIP John Lennon


I remember being in English class in Grade 8, and our teacher -who often taught with a guitar- described to us how awful this event was. I was surprised that a lot of my classmates had no idea who The Beatles were. Even though the mp3 world is experiencing a revolution in accessing those wonderful tunes, it’s the truth that those songs were rightfully hard to get without buying the entire albums.

Rest in PEACE, John.