Bing! Ned Ryerson Speaks Out


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The talented and intelligent character actor, Stephen Tobolowski, recently signed in to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything forum. Known best for (as he puts it, his favorite role) Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day, he’s also turned in great performances in Sneakers, Single White Female, Memento, and the television series’ Deadwood and Californication. Some great dialogue was had with him and the reddit community:

Q: How many times a day does someone stop on you on the street with some manner of reference to Ned Ryerson?

A: Probably on an average of five times a week. That means I mathematically have a couple days off.

Q: Does it annoy you that people on the street approach you so regularly?

A: I think the answer to that is no, because everybody who approaches me is generally so pleasant. The only time it’s difficult is when they interrupt dinner at a restaurant, saying “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt your dinner, but…” and then they stay and chat for 30 minutes. Otherwise, it’s great!

Q: How was hugging Bill Murray?

A: It was actually fantastic, because Bill improvised that in the moment. That scene was shot in one take. It wasn’t written that way.

Q: Which do you prefer as an actor and as a “get out of bed and go to work” guy, live “full” acting or voice-only work?  Also, can you do me a favor? I’ve always wanted to hear someone type the word “Passport”.

A: For me, nothing beats getting up at dawn and driving to the set of DEADWOOD, rehearsing in the dark, and shooting when the sun rises. Also: Passport.

He spent a lot of time answering questions and talked about things like working with Christopher Nolan, how supporting actors don’t make as much money as they used to, and an incident where he was almost killed by a man, and used that experience as inspiration for a character in a movie I have yet to see him in, The Glimmer Man.

Check out the thread.

Is Wikipedia About to Charge/Change?


In this Appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, it seems the Wiki sources are up against that ancient threat we all have to face: funding. Apparently, the situation is this… Mucho dinero via contributions from the general user public, or advertisements may soon be a part of the Wikimedia experience. Or users will have to pay.

I’m placing my bets on the ads.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — V


V for Vendetta was one of those movies that I was pretty jazzed about seeing, until I saw it. It landed on my retinas with a dull thud, and it still amazes me that anyone thinks it’s any good. So, there’ll be none of that today. Instead, the awesome Flying V guitar, a still from Henry V, and something from the world of wind technology (a new passion in which I begin training this Monday), the V-Wing Wind Turbine.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — U


These are great, and not one submarine or spyplane among them.

YouTube: The Movie


Anyone who has seen the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Social Network (video), which chronicles the rise of Facebook, is sure to see the similarities of that preview in this parody. This is the story of YouTube, written and co-directed by Jeff Loveness.

(Video Link)

The real movie looks amazing, and probably is, since it’s directed by David Fincher. There are few directors with his kind of staying power in Tinseltown.

Bed Intruder Song on Shamisen


This instant classic + this instant remix led to this great rendition of the remix tune on a shamisen.

(YouTube Link)

Alphabetical Google Image Search — T


Totally terrific themes to take to, aside from the thousands of t-shirts.