Movie Quiz Game


I just wasted a perfectly good hour playing a pretty cool quiz game called Famous Objects from Classic Movies. Using minimalist representations of objects found in the vast array of moviedom, the creators then have a Hangman-style interface where you type in the title of the movie the object is from. Some objects are harder to associate than others, but the choices are all pretty awesome. I ended up with a score of 77 right, 4 wrong. Created by Ji Lee, it’s a must for any movie buff to play, and they’re always adding more titles. So go play!



Eat Brains, Love


From the Merit Badger comes this alternate version of will likely be the number 3 or 4 movie this weekend.

Re-imagined Movie Posters by Olly Moss


There are minimalist movie posters springing up all over the web, and there have been alternate versions for a while now. But what Olly Moss has created for Rolling Roadshow’s We Are All Workers (check out the embedded clip) film series is hands down the best I’ve seen. I mean, seriously, just look at these.

Olly Moss

Personal favorites: On the Waterfront, There Will Be Blood, and Rocky. But they’re all superb. And that film series looks amazing, too. Imagine watching The Godfather Part II on the rooftops where Vito stalked his first hit, or The Blues Brothers outside of Joliet Prison.

via The Daily What

Retro Oscar-Nom Movie Poster Designs


British design firm Dutch Uncle Agency genius Tavis Coburn crafted some old timey movie posters for British Film Award nominated titles: An Education (high on my must see list), Precious (non-existent on my list), Avatar, Up in the Air, and this one for The Hurt Locker.