Meet Johnny Barnes – The Happy Man


Take ten minutes of your day to watch this. You’ll have a better day, most certainly.

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Flower Warfare


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In this pipe dream, Jon Bon Jovi (not really) and company conduct a floral assault on a couple of stoners. If only warfare was really like this. Hilarious twist at the end.

Making Of.



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Says Nilz:

A film I have been working on and off on since 2007. Wasn’t able to mold it into what I wanted, but at this point I am just happy to call it done. Regardless I am happy with how it has turned out. Please, Constructive criticism is welcome.

Very well, I have one comment. If the second half would have looked more like the first half, you’d have a complete piece. It resembles many of my more random dreams. Take that to the next level, and you’ve got Inception 2.



With multiple awards for short film under its belt, it’s no surprise that Mike Dacko’s Lightheaded is fun and interesting. Take a journey with candle wax beings “who sacrifice what they know to become who they are.” Official website.

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Pretty cool, somewhat derivative, but mostly posting this because I finally figured out how to embed Vimeo clips. Hooray for me!

My Favorite Rabbit Since Bugs Bunny


I guess I’m behind the times on this one, which escaped my gaze a few years ago on the short animated circuit.  I am absolutely loving it right now.  Treating my cat for milial skin infections, and the sudden snowstorm has made me just want to snuggle up next to a fireplace and watch this on repeat.  Viva Run Wrake.  Brilliant.



There something so very correct about this piece.  It’s transcendent.