Badminton is Bad


I guess late one night during the 2004 Olympics, commentator Mary Carillo tried to insert a comedy sketch into a comparison of pro vs. backyard badminton. It’s kind of a surreal train wreck, as she comes across as serious without any crowd there to laugh at her jokes. Okay?

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Who the hell is Christopher Burr?  |  via kottke.


Cannonball: Skating the Recession Pools


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Cannonball is a nicely shot mini-doc about the Fresno foreclosure market, and the abandoned swimming pools exploited by area skateboarders, just as in Dogtown during the water shortage crisis.

Once upon a time, Fresno was the California Dream. Own a car. Own a house. Own a pool. Everyone wanted it and the wonderful world of credit made it all possible. But now, with the foreclosure monster running wild, the dream is dry. Thousands of pools are festering in the hot Central Valley sun. For most people this is tragic. But for some, it’s an opportunity.

It’s cool that they haul away their trash, and actually knock and offer to trade yard work for some carving time.

Ya Know, For Kids!


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It’s time to bring back hula-hoops.

The Endurance of Amelie


Amelie Poulain will forever be my movie crush, and the film has enjoyed many aftershocks in the world. The Roaming Gnome, and the super-elitist meta-allusion to “that French movie” in Up in the Air, they keep the Amelie spirit alive. Now here comes a new viral video that was actually part of the film;  one of many videos Amelie posts to her artistic neighbor is this “new” meme-

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This YouTube video is almost three years old, and Amelie is about ten years old. I say she scooped everyone.

Binocular Soccer


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This is kind of old, but thanks to Bits & Pieces it’s new again. It’s a game I’d love to try, and the whole result is twistedly reminiscent of a Japanese version of Monty Python’s “Upper Class Twit of the Year” sketch. Comedy gold. Also, the guy that introduces the fun appears to be Vic Romano from MXC fame.

Basketball Jack Does Not Approve


via Buzzfeed

Let us not forget that we are living on the same planet as this guy, Mr. Jack Nicholson.  Buzzfeed has a great roundup of him in his other life, the sideline superfan of the Lakers.  The impossible cool is like scratching Jack’s surface, and I’m 80% sure he’s actually an alien.  Sent here to redeem the nihilistic and the burnt Brando fans.  Jack’s spaceship was totalled decades ago, but he’s here to help.  And thank the fates he’s not a Scientologist.