The Installation


One of the aspects of working in the wind industry that I am particularly looking forward to is the installation and commissioning of new turbines. It’s a process that involves precise planning, coordination and execution. Teams don’t have the luxury of putting up the 300′ tube sections, and then breaking off until the next day, because the hollowness of the tube will capture the wind (these are built in windy areas, remember), and a vortex will form, tearing the structure apart! Nope, the entire tower needs to go up in four or more phases: bottom tube, top tube, nacelle, and hub- all in the least amount of time possible.

The process is amazing, and many technicians talk about the pride that comes with completing construction, and wiring up the parts to get the turbine functional. This video shows, in time-lapse, how it’s done. Song: “Elevation” by U2.



Bjork Explains How Television Works


This has to cap off 2010 as far as memes go. Here, the girl who once charmed no one at the Academy Awards dressed as a swan describes how the magic box works. Thrill as she describes capacitors as little buildings in a town.

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For the record, I will always dig this song.

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Apple of My Eye


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Majek Pictures presents “Apple of My Eye” directed by Michael Koerbel

Another example of the current technological revolution, you can now shoot beautifully rendered scenes, edit them, and upload them to the Internet all from one device. The iPhone 4G. I just may have to get me one of those, after all.

Don’t miss the making-of, following this delightful short.

Cat/Dog Dichotomy


The two most loved pets in the world are like the yin and yang of animal domestication. They both offer up companionship, laughs, and astronomical vet bills. At the same time, they are quite different from each other, as is well-known. Having owned a number of both, and cataloging their unique dispositions to varying circumstances, I found the following contrast both unsurprising and fascinating.

What kind of reaction could be expected of the furry friends when introduced to a shiny new iPad? This cat, named Iggy, digs it.

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Could be the second coming of Keyboard Cat, but that’s another story. Okay. So, how about a doggy demo? What’s Chloe the Corgi think of this pinnacle of societal evolution?

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I knew it. Apple is Skynet and the iPad is a Terminator.

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Just Say No to 3-D


James Cameron was the first person to say it, but I’ll paraphrase here: Distributing your movie in 3-D when it was shot in 2-D is a pointless act of stupidity. He should know. The only movie I have ever seen in 3-D that was impressive was Avatar. The top-grossing movie was shot entirely using 3-D equipment and exquisite protocols. The bandwagon that has followed (and somewhat preceded) Avatar is full of tacked-on tech that accomplishes two things, and two things only: turning a film into a novelty, and milking extra dollars from the audiences.

Scott Weinberg writes more on this topic in Here’s How 3-D is Ruining Movies.

But to jam an allegedly whiz-bang 3-D face-lift onto a film that was never shot for such a presentation? It’s a rather shameless marketing gimmick that seems to be making some solid coin — and that sucks because the 3-D technology slathered all over Louis Leterrier’s Clash of the Titans remake does nothing but mar the film. At best it’s a forgettable nuisance (nothing in the movie truly “jumps” out at you; there’s no real “depth of field” expansion; and the 3-D stuff does nothing to get you “into” the action that the normal film wouldn’t) and at worst it’s a visual headache that actively damages the film’s production design and special effects. I noticed the surface of a tree that was “bubbling,” and I thought it was supposed to be an evil tree until I realized … nope, that’s just the low-rent shake & bake “3-D conversion” process in action.

I will be watching Clash of the Titans sans glasses, thank you very much, and I’ll use the extra money I save to feed a starving kitten. So there.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)



The new phenomenon that is sweeping the intertubes has a very basic concept, with a huge potential for inter-connectivity.  Yeah, I know from what I have read that Chatroulette is vastly populated by genitalia, and therefore I am going to refrain from trying it myself… for now.  There is another side to it, too.  Creativity, humor, art and music.  The platform is simple: plug in your webcam, go to the website, and see who else is out there for an impromptu video chat.  You can click away from anyone at any time and be redirected to another random stranger.

This is one of many fascinating examples of usage via Buzzfeed, where these guys had a little fun with the interface.  Here‘s a short blurb and video about the young Russian student, Andrey Ternovsky, who created ChatRoulette.

Ternovsky tells RT that he thought the site would get less respect from potential users if they knew it was created by one guy rather than a more sophisticated software company.

Another screenshot showing two strangers meeting.

And this example of a French band getting to perform to a bunch of strangers on a spontaneous platform such as this is outstanding.

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“Like in gambling, you take risks.  You may win, and get something interesting; or you may see something bad.  Well, you can always click Next, and try again.” -Andrey Ternovsky

Best Gets Prizes (i.e. Be Superior)