YouTube: The Movie


Anyone who has seen the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Social Network (video), which chronicles the rise of Facebook, is sure to see the similarities of that preview in this parody. This is the story of YouTube, written and co-directed by Jeff Loveness.

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The real movie looks amazing, and probably is, since it’s directed by David Fincher. There are few directors with his kind of staying power in Tinseltown.


A Real Groaner


One of the best things about seeing movies in a theater is the collective experience shared with a group of strangers. It occurs throughout the movie, and can be very telling during certain previews. Case in point, this clip (naughty videographer notwithstanding) captured a universal sentiment during a trailer for an upcoming horror show called Devil.

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There’s just no holding back that kind of disappointment.

UPDATE: No surprise it’s gone now, but in case you missed it, there are some scary, noisy edits, the black screen shows the card: From Universal Pictures… then: An M. Night Shyamalan Film, and many members of the audience can then be heard groaning loudly.

New Mortal Kombat Movie?


No one knows for sure why or by whom this was leaked today, but it looks like a test to see if fans would like to see an R-rated version of Mortal Kombat. Yes, please.

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The Inception Trailer Music


This piece, Mind Heist, which accompanies the 3rd trailer for Inception, is actually not part of the Hans Zimmer soundtrack to the movie, but was written specifically for the awesome trailer. It was created by Zack Hemsey, and it really is a cool piece of music, trailer or no.

UPDATE:  Be sure to see this.

1982 TRON re-Trailered


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As if I wasn’t already buzzed enough about TRON: Legacy‘s upcoming greatness, YouTube user Drewboix recut the original material into a contemporary-looking trailer. Nice job, dude. A true testament to the awesome original art direction of one of my top 100 movies. Extra points for not including any MCP shots:

Like This Crap

Oh by the way, Happy Passover!

The Other Avatar


When James Cameron’s Avatar came out, quite a few people I spoke to about it thought I was talking about Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Being parents, they were familiar with this children’s tale that I’ve never heard of, and all I could think of was, “Wow, somebody didn’t get the memo about duplicate titles in one year.”  Anyway, here’s the Super Bowl ad for M. Night’s attempt to return to relevance… and it looks pretty dang good.  Maybe.  Never Forget.

Robin Hood Trailer


Russell and Ridley, together again.  William Hurt as the Sheriff.  Looks awesome enough to negate what Costner did with the role.

Watch Here.