Animal Rings


Nobody has ever accused me of having a keen sense of fashion, and I never wear jewelry, but if I wouldn’t mind sporting this ring by Haoshi Design Studio. They also come in Crocodile, Wolf, Buck, Pig, Giraffe, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger and Wolf.

This whimsical line of handmade jewelry pairs sterling silver with white 3D animals. Choose your “inner animal” and show the world!

When I wear mine, everyone will see it and say, “Hey, that must be Johnny Cat!”


Straight Out of Cuckoo’s Nest


Click for bigger.

Posted at Antique Evaluations, this old scan looks like it could have been typed by Nurse Ratched regarding Mr. Turkel. Almost.

Wayne and Garth Continue to Party On in UK


Here they are now. WHOA.

No Way.


Beautiful, Hypnotic Video: Muse


It simultaneously pleases the eyes and ears.

Commissioned by Netfilmmakers Gallery Copenhagen, Muse is a remix of our private digital scrapbooks from the last 3 years into an ocean of colour…

Vimeo Link

Do This Now, PC People


Trust me. Drop whatever you’re doing, pause your iPad or whatever you’re listening to, and follow these simple instructions.

Enjoy! ¬†You’re welcome.



It’s Geishas! Geishas! Geishas! aplenty in this preview for a movie that we’ll probably never see, but looks completely insane (read: entertaining). From my favorite new websource for humor, WTF, Japan Seriously?, I have two words for this NSFW video: Fried Shrimp.

(YouTube Link)

Chatrouletters Meet the Na’vi


(YouTube Link)

Not as great as the piano guy, but interesting.

(March 23: Oh Noes! YouTube failed to remove the stick from its ass this morning, and yanked Merton!)

(March 24: Oh Yes! Re-edited/posted with whiners¬†victims’ identities safely shielded)