Pimp My Limbo


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Badminton is Bad


I guess late one night during the 2004 Olympics, commentator Mary Carillo tried to insert a comedy sketch into a comparison of pro vs. backyard badminton. It’s kind of a surreal train wreck, as she comes across as serious without any crowd there to laugh at her jokes. Okay?

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Who the hell is Christopher Burr?  |  via kottke.

Straight Out of Cuckoo’s Nest


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Posted at Antique Evaluations, this old scan looks like it could have been typed by Nurse Ratched regarding Mr. Turkel. Almost.

Epic Lawyer Ad


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Urlesque has more terrible lawyer ads.

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For Jasmine


This not only looks like my camera shy Jasmine, it’s exactly her personality. Found at The Daily What.


Johnny Cat’s Favorite Dance Lessons


Choose from many different styles and combinations. Dance, Kitty!

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UPDATE 7/7 Ooops, they crashed. Someone let me know when it’s back up, mmmk?

Alien vs Predator Fanfilm (Awesome)



If you like Alien/Aliens, and you like Predator/Predators, but felt let down by the Hollywood merging of the two in AVP… just hit play and full screen. In just over 20 minutes you’ll get what you wanted in the form of a fan-film created, filmed, touched up, and edited by one guy, Alex Popov. He claims he spent $500 and two years of his life on this.

Yeah, it’s a long video, but I swear it will be the best fanfilm you’ve ever seen, and worth the time.  (via NeatoGeek)