The Phantom iZone


Steve Jobs (Jobs-El) prosecutes the three individuals he claims blew the lid off the iPhone 4G premiere, and do I care about the phone wars? No. But…

This is funny.

“I would rather have Flash on my iPad than to look at you three any longer. GUILTY!”

In related news, iPad owners got iPwned.


Cat/Dog Dichotomy


The two most loved pets in the world are like the yin and yang of animal domestication. They both offer up companionship, laughs, and astronomical vet bills. At the same time, they are quite different from each other, as is well-known. Having owned a number of both, and cataloging their unique dispositions to varying circumstances, I found the following contrast both unsurprising and fascinating.

What kind of reaction could be expected of the furry friends when introduced to a shiny new iPad? This cat, named Iggy, digs it.

(YouTube Link)

Could be the second coming of Keyboard Cat, but that’s another story. Okay. So, how about a doggy demo? What’s Chloe the Corgi think of this pinnacle of societal evolution?

(YouTube Link)

I knew it. Apple is Skynet and the iPad is a Terminator.

via Forbidden Planet