Johnny Cat Watches Star Wars for the First Time


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This was the look on my face when I first saw Star Wars, as well. Hello, bro cat.

Animal Rings


Nobody has ever accused me of having a keen sense of fashion, and I never wear jewelry, but if I wouldn’t mind sporting this ring by Haoshi Design Studio. They also come in Crocodile, Wolf, Buck, Pig, Giraffe, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger and Wolf.

This whimsical line of handmade jewelry pairs sterling silver with white 3D animals. Choose your “inner animal” and show the world!

When I wear mine, everyone will see it and say, “Hey, that must be Johnny Cat!”

Otto vs Egon: Bookshelf Battle


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This is the high octane sequel to Otto vs Egon, and as usual, the sequel is better.

Cat RickRolled


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“What is this? Make it stop. Do not want. There, I fixed it.”

Johnny Cat’s Favorite Dance Lessons


Choose from many different styles and combinations. Dance, Kitty!

via J-Walk

UPDATE 7/7 Ooops, they crashed. Someone let me know when it’s back up, mmmk?

Alphabetical Google Image Search — N


Digging deep again to escape the Guns ‘n Roses’, the Salt ‘n Pepas, and the Bone Thugz ‘n Harmonies. And the tons of Nokia images.

"Bed 'n"

"SW2-N Antelope.jpg"

"N Sandro Botticelli"

That last one looks like one rowdy party.

I Do Not Know This Bloke


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But you can buy a t-shirt depicting his talent here.