5 Eastwood Flicks You May Have Missed


AMC is running a day long Clint Eastwood fest tomorrow called “Make My Saturday.” Back to back Clint starting with Pale Rider, and ending with the one (excellent) Eastwood flick I have no desire in seeing again, Million Dollar Baby. They also have a list of five films that may have escaped many a Netflix queue, and five honorable mentions.

On A Perfect World, which came in at number 1:

Definitely Clint’s most underrated movie. Eastwood directs and stars in this story of a lawman in pursuit of an escaped convict and the boy he befriends. Heartbreaking and human, this was the first of many directorial triumphs for Eastwood — but it’s his performance as Texas Ranger Red Garnett that takesĀ A Perfect World to another level. This bleak, unsparing movie — and ending, in particular — is perfectly encapsulated in every line on Eastwood’s visage.

Link to full list.

The only one on this list I have yet to see is The Beguiled.

Photo courtesy fabio venisius’ photostream.