Otto vs Egon: Bookshelf Battle


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This is the high octane sequel to Otto vs Egon, and as usual, the sequel is better.

Epic Beard Man, Mortal Kombat Style


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This got churned out nice & quick!

For reference.

Update: After seeing this, I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of EBM.  It’s a complicated meme, full of society’s uncoolest ills, but the mere fact of its popularity is spawning what some are calling a memeplex.  As far as the black/white issue goes, I think we all need to work a bit harder to make that go away once and for all.  On a more skeptical note, the very fact that this exploded is most likely due to inherent, seething racism.  However, EBM’s tearful revelation about his Mom dying, along with his reference to Vietnam, could be the most touching American story generated from a spontaneous moment caught on film, and posted to YouTube.

Update 2: This  officially crowns this meme~~

The Haymaker


Looks like Griffen vs Munkee, in some weird alternate universe.

Boo-Ya Twisted Sifter