Flower Warfare


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In this pipe dream, Jon Bon Jovi (not really) and company conduct a floral assault on a couple of stoners. If only warfare was really like this. Hilarious twist at the end.

Making Of.



AskMen has put together what could arguably be called the most spot on top ten list regarding shootouts in movies.  They’re all here, the cremé de le cremé.

10. Unforgiven. I remember being so skeptical of this movie when it came out, and was so blown away by what Mr. Eastwood did with direction.  Great shootout with a villain you love to hate and his goons.

9. Boondock Saints. Even though Overnight depicts director Troy Duffy as an egomaniac, I remember also being blown away (okay, no more of that) by the two centerpieces of this thriller, and the shootout was elevated to cult status once again.

8. Tombstone. The epitome storyline.  The reason we have shootouts is because of the story of the OK Corral.  This is the best version of that story.

7. The Untouchables. The first one that came to mind when I read the title.  Odessa Steps, baby carriage, classic.

insert shootout here.

6. Hard Boiled. Hat tip to John Woo in general, methinks.

5. The Matrix.
Second one that came to mind, but I would extend AskMen’s title of The Lobby to The Rescue of Morpheus, because you have to include the chopper scene.

4. The Professional. You think Leon’s going to fall for that knock?  You better bring more guys, Oldman.

3. The Wild Bunch. I’m so happy my favorite western made it so high on the list.  From the article:

Believe it or not, more blank rounds were discharged during the production of The Wild Bunch than live rounds were fired during the Mexican Revolution of 1914. Now that’s dedication!

2. Scarface. Natch.

1. Heat. Hell Yes.  Michael Mann’s epic shootout not only makes kinetic shootout cinema… the scene mirrored a real life Los Angeles bank robbery that used similar guns & tactics, only that time the criminals were killed.  This scene however always manages to blow me away (Sorry).

By the way, each entry at the site hosts YouTubage of the scenes, a rundown of Notable Guns, and Estimated Body Count.  Awesome.

Go to AskMen.

What they left out: Open Range, The Usual Suspects, Saving Private Ryan, Shoot ’em Up, Terminator 2,  ……more?

Metric Bonnie and Clyde


Song: Gold, Guns, Girls

"Is it ever gonna be enough?"