Meet Johnny Barnes – The Happy Man


Take ten minutes of your day to watch this. You’ll have a better day, most certainly.

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Flower Warfare


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In this pipe dream, Jon Bon Jovi (not really) and company conduct a floral assault on a couple of stoners. If only warfare was really like this. Hilarious twist at the end.

Making Of.



Pretty cool, somewhat derivative, but mostly posting this because I finally figured out how to embed Vimeo clips. Hooray for me!

The New F-O’s


It was 1999-2004 that I got to know Poncho. He was and is one of the most alive people on the planet. Born to sing, dance, and channel Bacchus, he is the epitome of fun. I hate to say it, but the band he was in for such a long time was always this short of great, and aside from Poncho’s stage presence, not all that interesting. Even the name, Unlimited Phlavor, missed the mark of excellence.

But my old friend is back with a new crew, calling themselves the New F-O’s, and it appears he’s got some game to go with his passion now. Poncho’s the one in the purple shirt/yellow sunglasses. The fun one. I like his new compadre (The gruff one) and although there’s some understandably buzzkill narrative here regarding senseless violence, it’s great to see an old friend making his mark. The song is about good and bad, and the video mirrors the sentiment in a familiar way. Also, I swear that alley scene is behind my aunt’s house, but then again, it’s Phoenix. The whole inner city looks like that.

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To sum up, I like this video a little bit more than you do, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Or good. Just fun. Rock on, Poncho!