Crazy Lyrics


Sensucht by Rammstein is a a hard pounding, truly metal moshy song. But, um… what the hell is he actually singing about? Sensucht means longing, but the rest of the song is translated here. WTF?


Let me ride your tear
over clouds without happiness
the big bird pushes his head
gently back into his hideout
Between your long legs
I search for last year’s sand
but there is no more sand there

So here’s a link to the song. It still rocks the world.


I’d Really Love To See You Tonight – A Critique


This is the close I could come to England Dan and John Ford Coley’s assertion that a “warm wind” could blow stars around.  I used to fool myself into believing the lyric said “There’s a warm wind blowin’, the stars are out… and I’d really love to see you tonight.”  But as I listen in HD, and Hi Fidelity, it’s clear he’s either talking about stars being blown around by the warm wind of his love, or he was possibly really high when he sung it.  Judge For Yourself (Scroll to I’d Really Love to See You Tonight).  I was right all along, the stars are blown around!