OK Goose


Another brilliantly conceived one-take video by OK Go, with a surprise appearance by a territorial goose.

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I’m not sure what I love the most; the design and implementation of the concept or the naturally occurring fowl.


Behind the Scenes – OK Go


In this interesting clip, Damian from OK Go interviews the people behind the production of what I believe is the greatest music video of all time, This Too Shall Pass.

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The dogs in formal attire are not lost on me. Like everything associated with this band, I love it. It’s also nice to know the stats on the video’s production: 89 separate mechanisms in the the machine, and it took 85 takes to make the final product. That’s a  lot more than previously hypothesized based on the evidence of smashed TVs and collapsed pianos. It’s plain to see that most of the hard stuff came near the beginning, though.

Week in Review


from brandlabs~ John Bender's glove button

– The Academy Awards made history Sunday night, or at least director Kathryn Bigelow did, but the highlight was the tribute to late director John Hughes.

However Emilio Estevez, who played the high school jock in “BC,” was notably absent. A source exclusive to Yahoo! reports that Estevez was spotted at the Cornell Winery and Tasting Room in Agoura Hills, California, shortly before the ceremony. A representative for the actor, who is now known more for directing, said professional obligations also kept him from the tribute.

– EMI was dealt a double whammy this week by two great bands. OK Go, who have become my gods of all things music video, told the record label adios after a month of squabbling about embedding their amazing videos to the Internet, and now have their own label, called Paracadute (parachute). And today news broke that Pink Floyd legally stopped EMI from selling single songs, claiming an appropriate and precedent-setting artistic imperative that their albums (which the judge ruled does not mean a physical record, tape or CD) were intended to be listened to as the whole wonderful experience that they are. (Applause.)

– Corey Haim finally lost his battle with drug addiction. And Corey Feldman was swift to the media with his ego scarcely sheathed, a fierce belief that the death was not caused by a drug overdose, and an inexplicable front-side rat-tail.

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– I also learned today that there are not one, but two “re-imaginings” of The Wizard of Oz in the works. I’m speechless, but Phil Jones, Tupac Shakur, and The Wicked Witch of the West have something to add in my stead.

This makes me like Tim Burton’s latest movie a bit less, for it hath unleashed a monster.  Next thing you know we’ll see a Casablanca “re-visiting” and so on.

I’d have blogged all this individually, but my real estate listings just keep selling, so busy bee!

This Too Shall Pass


This Too Shall Pass is a new song from OK Go, who were single-handedly responsible for jump starting YouTube with their video for “Here It Goes Again” – currently closing in on the 50 million views mark – and in this example of their music video genius, they perform the song live, with one continuous camera shot.  Microphones are concealed in their uniforms; I especially like the surprise camera movement at the climax.  Embedding currently disabled, so click that link to enjoy.

Update: This is many levels better, and embedded, like a good label should.  Everytime I see this I see something new.

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