Happy Birthday, Hubble Telescope


The Rose. Image: NASA/ESA/STScI/AURA

April 24 marks the 21st anniversary of the orbiting of the Hubble telescope, deployed by space shuttle Discovery. After some false starts and costly repairs, it proved to be one of our greatest tools for peering into the cosmos. To commemorate the landmark achievement, NASA has released this image of two galaxies in the Andromeda constellation that swirl together, seemingly in the shape of a rose. Their boring, official name is Arp 273.


More Star Wars Behind-the-Scenes Candids


The more these surface on the web, the less rare they instantly become; but that doesn’t make them any less interesting as a look back on cinematic history that didn’t even know it was in the making.  More here.

Black and WTF


I was walking along the Internet today, when someone pointed me down a dark path that led to an excellent photo-site called Black and WTF, full of black and white pictures that have varying degrees of good, juicy WTF.  Some of them are from old movies, and shouldn’t really count, because the real gems are the ones that are slices of life from people doing strange things for reasons unknown.

And some are just charming and noteworthy for their candid goofiness.

Their biggest Hit!

The FAIL With a Tail


The Internet: blazing a path for all kinds of fun photographic frivolity.  You can do so much stuff with just a picture of your face.  You can Elf Yourself, Obama-cise your image in a Shepherd Fairey way, and many more.

Here’s a fine example of what NOT to do.  Good intentions sure did pave this highway to hell.  Cute kid, all they wanted to do was make a Little Mermaid mashup of her.  Well, you get what you get…




Obligatory Crasher Squirrel Photo


Crasher Squirrel

To learn more about the long hidden history of this guy, Check This Out.

To Squirrelize your own photos, go HERE.