The Ultimate Skydive


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This guy will soon surpass Kittinger as the one who jumped from the highest altitude. I like his attitude.




Well, that was me landing after my first ever skydive.  IAF1, Instructor Assisted Freefall.  Like tandem, but I was in control…until the landing.  I need to see what that’s like before I try it.  The freefall from 14,000 feet was amazing, indescribable Zen.  120 mph straight down, then the deafening wind is vanquished when I deploy my chute, and play all the way down.  Highly recommended for those who’ve ever contemplated it.

And then, Wow, a surprise.  I saw the oddly named The Chronicles of Riddick at last, after avoiding it for years.  I was sure it would suck, but I was wrong.  If you keep an open mind and just disappear into that Universe, forgiving gaping scientific plot holes is a rewarding exercise in receiving a pretty cool little story.

Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun