Does This Man Look 80 Years Old?



Well, he is as of today. Happy Birthday, William Shatner.

Must be something about those green women…


Shatner Wants a Part in Star Trek 2



To be sure, William Shatner was the iconic leading star of “Star Trek” (The Original Series), and his portrayal of Captain Kirk lives on in bold color through various media. Along with his eclectic castmates, including the enigmatic Mr. Spock, played with super subtlety by Leonard Nimoy, audiences were treated to Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic, yet drama-filled vision of our future traveling through space. Well, it seems Shatner’s future with the renewed vision of Star Trek is not without drama itself.

When J.J. Abrams was constructing the 2009 Star Trek movie, The Shat wanted in. Abrams admits he had an idea for him to appear in the film, but apparently Shatner fought for a more significant part. He lost that negotiation with nothing, and now he’s back at the bargaining table for something in the next movie. It’s a sticky wicket, but I’d assume most audiences don’t want him involved, myself included. William Shatner has changed since his role as Kirk in the 1960s; he’s morphed into a joke that he gets, and mirrors back at us for profit. He should not return to the Trek universe… especially after directing the abortion known as Star Trek V.

Nimoy worked in the reboot, because we still know him as that serious, super-smart Vulcan from back in the day. Shatner is just a begging egomaniac, and trying to wedge him in to a new episode would simply ruin any chance of winning back the fans that hated the last movie, as well as disappoint those of us who liked it.

The Guardian of Time was a character in my favorite TV episode of “Star Trek,” and coincidentally, The Guardian has more on this saga of whether or not this man will boldly go on to Star Trek 2 glory, or not.

Star Trek Insurrection Review


I was getting anxious tonight for the next installment of  RedLetterMedia‘s review of the Star Wars prequels; so much so that I tripped over this other (4-part) review by the same genius as the famed Episode I The Phantom Menace review (7 parts).  Full disclosure: I actually liked Insurrection, precisely because it felt like a throwback to the TV series.  But wow, great presentation here as to how bad that movie was.

Star Trek’s Other Ship


I really like the ships in the Star Trek Universe.  The Federation ships all tend to have a similar feel.

This is the Starship Kelvin, from the upcoming motion picture.  And I like it, lots.


In Honor of Lincoln’s 200th Birthday!


My favorite memory of Abe.