Raiders Meets Star Wars


This is something I totally missed in 2006. What a delightful edit!

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I found this looking for an image of the scene where Threepio is adding dead Jawas to the burning pile in the original Star Wars. I’d never really noticed it before tonight, but as I watch it on Spike TV, Artoo appears to be really close to the fire, relishing it. Can’t really blame him after what they put him through, but it’s eerie to me now, watching him watch his tormentors burn while remaining silent and contemplative… He’s still my favorite character.

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Avian Skywalker?


Anakin/Darth Vader has an adventure on Kashyyyk.




John Kovalic nails it again.  (Shrug), What can you do? (via The Zeray Gazette)

Anakin’s Dante’s Infernal Argument


This is the kind of thing I loved doing as a student in film editing.  Laying around watching movies, and wondering what I could possibly use to sync outside sound bites to otherwise trite scenes.  In this case, the scene is from Star Wars Episode III, where Anakin (in his anger, it seems) finally plays his dick card to Padme.  The audio is from Kevin Smith’s monumental Clerks, and one of the best dialogues ever filmed.  It couldn’t be more perfectly cut here, and the ending is priceless.


Star Wars Is Sad


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It’s funny how some people become so involved in a narrative, and when it’s over, they tend to focus on the sad elements.  This woman just finished watching Return of the Jedi, and apparently her emotions were triggered by Darth Vader’s line, “Let me look at you with my own eyes.”  And then there’s that whole thing about Artoo getting fried.  These visceral images overshadow their tamer, happy-endingish outcomes.  Vader got to have a proper Jedi cremation, and Artoo was fixed at the end.  But some emotions need talking out.

I Gotta Call My Travel Agent


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There’s no way I’m going to Cloud City now.  It’s Dagobah all the way, dude!

I think Andrew Zilch did a great job with this.  I really do.  Original and good reference material.  My only objection is the bleeps; hell, even South Park nipped that [bleep] in the bud.  Aw, man!  Seriously, though.  YouTube doesn’t care if you use naughty words like shit, ass and motherfucker.  It’s the Internet.  They’ll let you get away with anything but nudity.  Swearing’s fine, so is death and violence.  I won’t link to any, but there are lots of videos out there depicting humans getting killed.  If that’s okay, then I think words will get a pass, too.

Anyway, wasn’t that clip just a knee-slapper?  Yuk yuk.  Ahhhh, I need a nap.

Movie Poster Mashups


Here’s some of my favs from the gang over at B3ta.