While there are many parodies on the tubes that take on Inception’s famous trailer, this one by Atomic Productions is the best. And by the best, I don’t mean it doesn’t suck; it’s really well done.

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YouTube: The Movie


Anyone who has seen the trailer for the upcoming movie, The Social Network (video), which chronicles the rise of Facebook, is sure to see the similarities of that preview in this parody. This is the story of YouTube, written and co-directed by Jeff Loveness.

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The real movie looks amazing, and probably is, since it’s directed by David Fincher. There are few directors with his kind of staying power in Tinseltown.

A Real Groaner


One of the best things about seeing movies in a theater is the collective experience shared with a group of strangers. It occurs throughout the movie, and can be very telling during certain previews. Case in point, this clip (naughty videographer notwithstanding) captured a universal sentiment during a trailer for an upcoming horror show called Devil.

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There’s just no holding back that kind of disappointment.

UPDATE: No surprise it’s gone now, but in case you missed it, there are some scary, noisy edits, the black screen shows the card: From Universal Pictures… then: An M. Night Shyamalan Film, and many members of the audience can then be heard groaning loudly.

Robin Hood Trailer


Russell and Ridley, together again.  William Hurt as the Sheriff.  Looks awesome enough to negate what Costner did with the role.

Watch Here.

Stormbirds Is Awesome


Fantastic animation for upcoming canceled video game, Stormbirds.  It feeds the warrior gene with some righteous butt-kicking by American weapons of war.  I like the A-10.  Too bad they axed it.

The Mysterians/Journey to the Seventh Planet


Your Eyes Will GLAZE…

via Mental Floss and their great roundup of B movies.