Running With The Devil Vocals Only


I’ve been meaning to share this forever.  I’m a couple of years late on it, but it’s awesome.

David Lee Roth Sings Runnin’ With The Devil.  Vocal Track (btw, he’s not saying “God damn the Navy and all you lifers”, as I had been previously taught.  He’s saying “Goddamn it baby, you know I ain’t lyin’ to ya.”  Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.)

Then again, if Van Halen just kept with what worked, the “dark years” (aka “Anything With Sammy”) would never have happened. Sure, they had number one songs and albums, but dammit, Dave was the soul of the band! The zen-cum-slapstick comedian of the group! I defy you to prove me otherwise. (Chunklet)


Yes! Michael Anthony Vocals!


Way back when I was using AOL, there was a chat room that broke into a conversation about who should replace Sammy Hagar in Van Halen.  I immediately thought they should just give those duties to Michael Anthony.  His backups were always top notch.  This suggestion was met with a lot of agreement, and now we can hear just how cool that might have been.

This was recorded while Gary Cherone was touring with them, and for the performance of “Somebody Get Me A Doctor,” Cherone gave the mic to Anthony and assumed backup position.  Wish I woulda been there.