The Installation


One of the aspects of working in the wind industry that I am particularly looking forward to is the installation and commissioning of new turbines. It’s a process that involves precise planning, coordination and execution. Teams don’t have the luxury of putting up the 300′ tube sections, and then breaking off until the next day, because the hollowness of the tube will capture the wind (these are built in windy areas, remember), and a vortex will form, tearing the structure apart! Nope, the entire tower needs to go up in four or more phases: bottom tube, top tube, nacelle, and hub- all in the least amount of time possible.

The process is amazing, and many technicians talk about the pride that comes with completing construction, and wiring up the parts to get the turbine functional. This video shows, in time-lapse, how it’s done. Song: “Elevation” by U2.



Fired Up


photo: Kelly Smith

I’m pre-cooked, I’m pre-stamped, pre-set and post-dated. I’m ready to go, and ready to get slated. I’m ready to burn, and ready to earn; and despite what I know, I ready to learn.

Alphabetical Google Image Search — V


V for Vendetta was one of those movies that I was pretty jazzed about seeing, until I saw it. It landed on my retinas with a dull thud, and it still amazes me that anyone thinks it’s any good. So, there’ll be none of that today. Instead, the awesome Flying V guitar, a still from Henry V, and something from the world of wind technology (a new passion in which I begin training this Monday), the V-Wing Wind Turbine.

Wind Turbine of the Future


Whoa. The Aerogenerator X Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is the strangest, most powerful design ever conceived, and should be completed in four years. Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo has the scoop on this exciting future, and the methods of repairing current turbines. Dig that groovy music on the video there.

I’m getting closer to starting school for this. The NW Renewable Energy Institute looks like a kick-ass facility, and all I need to do is pass a physical, and obtain financial aid. Six months from now, I’ll be interviewing with companies and probably relocating. This kind of future tech is inspiring, to say the least.