“Even Space Cowboys Need Travel Agents”


From Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live:

I insist on taking rock lyrics literally. For example, it occurs to me that whoever organized tour itineraries for the Steve Miller Band must have been a dolt: Miller says he went from Phoenix, Arizona, all the way to Tacoma, then to Philadelphia, down to Atlanta, and then crossed back to L.A. (before finally concluding with some one-off dates in Northern California, where the girls were said to be “warm”). This is terribly inefficient.


Dreadlocked Mullet Inspired by Bib Fortuna


“I will take you to Jabba now.”

Found in Williamsburg, PA.  Link.



I just feel so good about this video, I must share.

Black and WTF


I was walking along the Internet today, when someone pointed me down a dark path that led to an excellent photo-site called Black and WTF, full of black and white pictures that have varying degrees of good, juicy WTF. ¬†Some of them are from old movies, and shouldn’t really count, because the real gems are the ones that are slices of life from people doing strange things for reasons unknown.

And some are just charming and noteworthy for their candid goofiness.

Their biggest Hit!

Air Ship?


YouTube Link

Happy nightmares!

via PictureIsUnrelated, yet strangely it’s been removed from there.