Johnny Cat Watches Star Wars for the First Time


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This was the look on my face when I first saw Star Wars, as well. Hello, bro cat.


The Imperial Cone of Shame


Apparently one of the Empire’s AT-AT walkers managed to escape with only a laser-blasted leg wound, and if the repairs go well, he should be back to terribly advised attack strategies in no time.

Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene


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Top Secret!‘s Backwards Scene Forwards


Here’s the original scene as presented in the 1984 Zucker/Abrahams comedy, Top Secret! With obvious and clever staging they made it seem as if the actors were speaking Swedish, when in fact it was simply shot in reverse manner.

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Now, thanks to the YouTube editing prowess of user reishiki, we can see how this scene actually looked when filmed. Also, I either never knew or had completely forgotten that the bookstore guy is played by Peter (Grand Moff Tarkin) Cushing.

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Parents Breaking Their Kids Into Star Wars


You think it’s easy getting your child into Star Wars, but it isn’t. There are outside forces at work, namely other kids who aren’t as prepared as they should be, telling your child that Star Wars is this or it’s that, and just a bunch of starships flying around. This is an informative video on how to talk to your kids about Star Wars, and usher them into the saga correctly. Iz serious shiz.

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Here’s to the children of the future knowing that Han shot first, as it should be. Even Lucas admits it.

Star Wars Begins


Sir Alec Guinness deemed George Lucas’ dialogue “rather creaky, but I kept turning the pages…” Case in point: in the pivotal scene where he and Luke are in Obi-Wan’s cave, the original line is: “You must do what you feel.”

Guinness, in the fashion of the best actors, simply and wonderfully added …”what is right, of course.” And it was instantly improved. “You must do what you feel is right, of course.”

This and many more insider secrets of the making of Star Wars is available thanks to a superfan named Jambe Davdar. (Han Solo smoking a cigarette in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon is not to be missed.)  Cinematical has all 14 parts of this not-for-profit documentary at their site. There are many things the Jawa-type scavengers among us have seen before, but there’s also a lot of new stuff. Highly recommended for fans.

It goes without saying (and the ensuing guilt trip) that many Bothans died to bring us this information.


Luke Skywalker and Commander Adama Together


Although I can find no information to support it, my theory is a young Edward James Olmos is the guy who picks up Mark Hammil’s character Kenny on his way to Las Vegas in the 1978 film, Corvette Summer. Imdb has a mysterious chararacter called “Uncredited” played by some actor named Rio, who doesn’t seem to exist, and Wikipedia/Olmos’ bio is silent on the subject. Sounds to me like this was before Olmos was serious about acting, and used a fake name. I don’t blame him for not taking credit, but I’m shocked I’m the first one to notice this obvious piece of acting history.

Be my guest, and watch the scene. Tell me this isn’t a young Adama giving a young Skywalker a ride.

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The fact that Gandalf/Ian McKellan makes an appearance in this movie as a pornographer makes this claim even more plausible.

UPDATE: Well, after further investigation, the truth is revealed. It sure looks like a young EJO, but according to the Unofficial Corvette Summer site, that’s Isaac Ruiz Jr., who had a part on Chico and the Man.